Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex 1.0.4

Solve Rube Goldberg puzzles

Amazing Alex is a puzzle game from Rovio, creators of Angry Birds. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Fun for families


  • Can get difficult

Very good

Amazing Alex is a puzzle game from Rovio, creators of Angry Birds.

The premise of Amazing Alex is to solve different puzzles by creating Rube Goldberg processes. The solutions for each level are overly complicated setups that result in simple actions. Amazing Alex’s presentation of this system is presented very well.

The first levels are a tutorial for the game and follow a level system like Angry Birds. As you solve puzzles, you open more complicated and open-ended puzzles with a set amount of tools. The levels do not use the same solution, sometimes you have to get a ball into a basket and other times you have to pop balloons.

The variety of puzzles in Amazing Alex keeps it interesting. Objects you use in Amazing Alex can be rotated and moved around the level, so you have to think creatively on how to use them.

Visuals are great and show the versatility of Rovio to create a style that isn’t like Angry Birds. There is a cartoon-look to the game and a nice amount of polish on the objects in the game. There is a definite similarity to Cut the Rope's graphical style.

Amazing Alex is a great game for children and families because it requires you to think creatively.


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Amazing Alex


Amazing Alex 1.0.4